Above and Beyond – Exclusive Online Novel

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Above and Beyond
Image: johnedward.net

Over the course of his career, famous professional psychic John Edward has hosted two television programs and appeared on over a dozen more. He is also an accomplished public speaker and a New York Times bestselling author. One of John Edward’s latest writing projects, Above and Beyond, is a serialized novel that he published online.

Only members of the exclusive club Evolve can access Above and Beyond. Interested parties can join Evolve and subsequently read Above and Beyond through the website JohnEdward.net. The book is currently available in its entirety.

Above and Beyond follows its protagonist and narrator Jack Richman as he enters the afterlife after passing away in a natural gas explosion that destroys six city blocks of Johannesburg, South Africa. After the explosion, Mr. Richman finds himself on the “Other Side” in a very strange hospital. He is under the care of Dr. Annie Brooks, a physician whose clothes seem to change to reflect different eras in the blink of an eye.

A warm and calming influence washes over Mr. Richman when Dr. Brooks looks at him. Thus, he begins the process of coming to terms with his new role in the afterlife.

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