Evolve – Newsletter Turned Interactive

July 21, 2017 § Leave a comment

Evolve John Edward pic

Evolve John Edward
Image: johnedward.net/evolve

World-renowned psychic medium John Edward has the unique gift of connecting people with their departed love ones on the other side. Fans who wish to be kept abreast of his latest activities, such as live event dates and information on private readings, have the option of subscribing to a free e-newsletter. John Edward took this regular communication a step further by launching Evolve, which was formerly known as The Five.

Described as the newsletter turned interactive, Evolve is an online community where members can interact with Mr. Edward and be randomly chosen for readings, questions, gatherings after live events, and more. The web series features a weekly online show every Sunday, and an online archive allows members to view shows that they may have missed.

Members of the Evolve community pay a one-year membership fee of $99, which works out to only $8.25 per month. Upon joining, members receive a welcome package, an Evolve membership pin, a 25-percent-off coupon to the online store, and a free book. For further information on Evolve and the free e-newsletter, visit www.johnedward.net.

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