Five Stages of Grief

May 9, 2017 § Leave a comment

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Five Stages of Grief

John Edward, an experienced psychic medium and host of the Evolve web series and community, often helps those who have recently lost a loved one cope with grief and suffering. Through the support of people like John Edward, these individuals are able to move through the five stages of grief.

First detailed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in 1969, the five stages of grief are a common model used for grieving. Not everyone experiences all stages or experiences them in the same order, but they represent common feelings in grieving individuals.

The first stage, denial, involves refusal to accept the reality of the situation. Once the realization sets in, this often gives way to anger, an externalization of the pain involved, which can be aimed at inanimate objects, random strangers, or even loved ones.

In cases where helplessness is apparent, bargaining and other attempts to regain control usually follow. These can involve assigning blame for the loss or making deals with God. Ultimately, however, these give way to helplessness. The final stage, when the true reality of the situation is internalized and handled, is acceptance, in which people attain calm and some degree of withdrawal from the situation.


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