Evolve Membership

April 18, 2017 § Leave a comment

Evolve Membership pic

Evolve Membership
Image: johnedward.net

John Edward, a popular psychic medium who formerly hosted the show Crossing Over, has moved much of his work onto the Internet. On his website, johnedward.net, he hosts an interactive community, web series, and newsletter currently titled Evolve, which used to be known as The Five.

Designed for fans of Crossing Over, Evolve is available to paid members of Evolve. This membership, which costs $99, includes new episodes every Sunday morning at 10:00 Eastern time. Members who cannot watch these shows live can also access an archive where all previous releases are available for viewing at any time. Proceeds from memberships go to fund the program and ensure the level of quality John Edward desires.

New members also receive a one-time welcome package containing several Evolve-related items. These packages include a book by the host, a special members-only pin, a letter welcoming the new member to the Evolve community, two appreciation pins, and a discount coupon for the johnedward.net store.

Members of the Evolve community are also eligible for random selection to participate in various events, including readings, questions, and meet-and-greet post-event activities.


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