The Goals of John Edward’s Evolve Community

December 12, 2016 § Leave a comment

John Edward, Psychic Medium pic

John Edward, Psychic Medium

John Edward is a psychic medium who has spent the last 25 years using his abilities to help people connect with their departed loved ones. In addition to hosting reading events before live audiences, John Edward connects to his fans through his online interactive community, Evolve.

Evolve is a place where fans of John Edward’s TV show, Crossing Over, gain access to the psychic medium’s new online show. Members of the Evolve community also have the chance to be randomly selected for opportunities like personal readings and meet-and-greets.

The Evolve community has seven key goals. The first two, opportunity and access, aim to give as many people as possible access to John Edward’s work, directly, through private readings and indirectly, through viewership of the Evolve online show. Evolve’s next four goals are that the online community will be affordable, educational, interactive, and continual, so members can find personal value in their experiences within the program at any time they want.

Evolve’s last goal is to forge a community of members who support one another and actively share their knowledge gained from participation in the community. For more information, visit


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