Psychic Medium John Edward Shares Deeper Understanding of His Work

November 1, 2016 § Leave a comment

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John Edward

Providing peace and closure for a wide array of people from diverse backgrounds throughout the world, John Edward, a renowned psychic and medium who has appeared on numerous media outlets and hosts his own programming, has shared his gifts internationally for more than 30 years. As an extension of his work as a psychic medium, John Edward tours the globe lecturing and delivering readings.

In a conversation with San Diego Magazine when he was in the city for a show at the US Grant Hotel, Mr. Edward shared with the writer various insights regarding his work. He described his experience of interacting with the dead as being something much more subtle than what pop culture portrays it to be when depicting people who work in the supernatural arena.

He doesn’t necessarily “hear dead people,” but instead receives thoughts and hears, sees, and feels things energetically, all of which he shares with clients and the audience members of his shows. He also revealed that when serving as a psychic medium that it is unethical to tell people what to do. Providing guidance and sharing information to aid the person in making the decision that’s right for them is acceptable, but making the decision for them is not.


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