The Benefits of Attending a Live Psychic Medium Event

October 4, 2016 § Leave a comment

John Edward, Psychic Medium pic

John Edward, Psychic Medium

For more than two decades, John Edward has performed thousands of psychic readings privately and publicly. John Edward (JE) maintains an active presence in the community by regularly hosting live psychic medium events.

The following are reasons to attend a live psychic medium event.

See it in action – A live event is held in a group or seminar setting, which allows you to observe while a psychic medium performs their reading. He or she will take questions from the person receiving the service and communicate with loved ones on the other side to garner answers.

Experience a reading first-hand – Due to high demand of the service, it is not always possible to obtain a personal reading without a long waiting period. By attending a live event, you can potentially access the professional sooner for a reading. Readings are not guaranteed to all attendees, but attending a live event increases your chance of being selected.

Meet the psychic medium – Live events serve as a platform to meet the psychic medium. Depending on the person and event, membership may be required to gain exclusive entry to meet and greet events. Members of the JE community, for instance, receive a special invitation to meet and greet events following every live show. Membership must be obtained through


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