Mediums’ Communication with the Spirit World

May 4, 2016 § Leave a comment

John Edward pic

John Edward

John Edward is the author of several bestselling books, and hosts a popular web series called Evolve with John Edward. As a nationally renown psychic medium, John Edward helps people connect with their loved ones who are no longer living.

Mediums are able to contact the spirit world including the dead, spirit guides, and sometimes angels. The intention is often to address unresolved issues in the past or the present, but unlike many psychics, mediums don’t usually predict the future.

Mediums access information from the spirit world in two basic ways, mental mediumship and physical mediumship. Mental mediumship involves the medium receiving messages through their own experiences telepathically, including hearing messages (clairaudience), seeing images (clairvoyance) or feeling something from the spirit world (clairsentience). The medium will then relay the information from the spirit world to the intended recipient on the earth plane. Physical mediumship involves manipulating energies in some way to create a paranormal experience that others can see and hear for themselves.

Mediumship is often considered a healing art, and can facilitate the grieving process or encourage a person to find a way to move forward in their lives. Those who seek the help of mediums may find that having a conversation with a loved one who has passed on can help them let go, or that receiving helpful advice from a spirit guide can give them a way to get past an issue they may be having and help them move forward with their lives.


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