Evolve with John Edward Platform Engages Audiences Worldwide

April 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

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John Edward
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Psychic medium and Crossing Over talk show host John Edward uses his abilities to help a diverse clientele and has assisted thousands of people nationally and internationally. In order to form a stronger connection with his clients, he established a membership-based community platform called The Five that he later renamed Evolve with John Edward (JE) in October 2013.

Evolve with JE serves as an online interactive community that provides members with chances for personal readings and access to the Above and Beyond online novel series and a weekly web show. A subscription to the newsletter is included with membership, and new members will also receive a free book, an exclusive Evolve membership pin, two rose appreciation pins, and a 25 percent-off coupon to the JE online store. Additionally, members of the platform are randomly selected for meetings with JE after events, where they can ask questions, receive readings, and participate in various after-show activities.

Memberships for Evolve with JE cost $99 per year. For more information about the platform and other opportunities, visit johnedward.net/evolve.


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