Types of Psychic Abilities – Chakras, Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience

January 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

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John Edward
Image: johnedward.net

John Edward has been a leading name in the field of metaphysical phenomenon for over two decades. He hosted Crossing Over, a long-running television series that focused on contacting the dead. More recently, John Edward has been operating his website, johnedward.net, where he hosts the web series Evolve with John Edward.

John Edward specializes in communicating with the dead, but over the years psychics and similar healers have been purported to have many related abilities. Some focus on the manipulation of chakras, which are energy centers in the body. These can be healed and balanced, improving both physical and mental health. For those interested in pursuing the study of chakras, johnedward.net offers an Evolve-themed chakra bracelet.

Other psychic abilities often begin with the root word “clair” (French for “clear”) and involve remote perception of events and locations. Examples of this psychic phenomenon include clairvoyance, in which the psychic perceives a location or object in the future, and clairaudience, in which the psychic hears such a location. Some psychics claim to have more than one of these abilities.


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