The Practice of Psychometry – The Psychic Touch

November 3, 2015 § Leave a comment

Renowned psychic and medium John Edward helps people reconnect with lost loved ones through a combination of private readings, live public events, and the internationally syndicated talk shows “Crossing Over with John Edward” and “John Edward Cross Country.” Growing up in a family that was open to the ideas of clairvoyance and psychic powers, he first learned about the practice of psychometry from a visiting psychic who came to his home when he was 15 years old.

Psychometry allows a psychic to sense or read the history of an object by holding or touching it. For example, a psychometrist might hold an antique ring and be able to see the history of that object, such as who wore it, the experiences they had while wearing it, what they were like, and how they felt.

Psychometry depends on feeling and understanding the vibrations imbued into physical objects over the course of time by human emotions and actions. Some psychical researchers believe that each material object has its own individual aura generated by the mind of its owner. And through this aura, a psychometrist may be able to form a clairvoyant connection to person.


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