Private Reading Opportunities from John Edward

August 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

Television host and medium John Edward endeavors to connect personally with his followers in as many ways as he can. In addition to interacting regularly with his online community The Five, he offers private readings to a select few face-to-face individuals.

Giving private readings has long been a part of Edward’s career. But in 2000, after his television show Crossing Over became successful, he found he had to scale back this aspect of his professional life significantly. He saw fewer and fewer private clients, until eventually the waiting list for his readings became more than eight years long.

At that point, he stopped having his office put names on a waiting list and started building an interest list instead. To help keep things fair, he now draws names at random from the interest list when he has time to perform private readings. Because his private readings can be difficult for many people to afford, he also gives five readings away to members of The Five every month.


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