Overcoming Writer’s Block: Tips For Writing The First Draft of Your Book

March 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

As a widely renowned Psychic medium, John Edward has authored multiple books, allowing him to spread his advice and help to a much wider audience. With international and domestic book sales totally over $2.4 million, John Edward’s most popular titles include Infinite Quest, Practical Praying, Crossing Over, Final Beginnings and his new novel Fallen Masters.

Although many people say they would like to write a book, starting the first draft can be a daunting process. Writing and publishing expert John Eggen offers first-time authors that would like to publish a book of advice two methods for organizing their book when creating a first draft.

Option one:
Organize your content as “101 Ways to do X”, where X is your topic. This structured approach takes some of the anxiety out of developing a beautiful, flowing first draft and allows you to quickly create the skeleton of your book by focusing on the facts you want to share with readers. Countless books have explored topics by breaking them into any number of concise sets of information. While it is not necessary to use the number 101, substantial direct marketing testing has shown that odd numbers attract readers more than even numbers do. Your average book of advice will typically have around 200 pages, so using the number 101 also breaks down nicely to about two pages per set of information.

Option two:
Again, because you will likely be aiming for a 200-page manuscript, you may want to use the “20×5” process. In this process, you identify 20 chapter topics, then five sub-topics for each chapter, and spend two pages on each of your sub-topics.


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