Famed Psychic Is Also a Novelist

February 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Over the past two decades, John Edward has become renowned the world over as a psychic medium, public speaker, television host, and inspirational leader. In addition to his bestselling memoirs and self-development guides, he has also written several popular novels.

In What If God Were the Sun?, his first novel, Edward works with the theme of love that transcends physical death. His characters are part of a warm and loving family whose members draw strength from their closeness. But when the protagonist, Timothy Callahan, learns that his mother is dying of cancer, he begins a spiritual quest to understand the meanings of life, God, faith, and the afterlife. His focus on his mother’s explanation of God as being like the sun helps him to find comfort in the face of his personal loss. The book aims to open up new perspectives to readers experiencing similar events and questions in their own lives.

Final Beginnings, the author’s second novel, is a fast-paced thriller that speaks to contemporary life lived with the fear of terrorism and the quest for faith, security, love, and healing. At the heart of the story are four characters, their families, and the New York City tunnel where their destinies come together. The author aims to use suspense to provide readers with an ultimately uplifting and hopeful experience.

In Fallen Masters, published in 2012, the author moves further into the realm of psychic suspense, as the battle between good and evil becomes personified. As scientific findings confirm the expansion of “dark matter” into the world we know, religious figures and political leaders agree that it represents an evil that must be stopped. In a battle that moves from this world to the next, one small group of individuals is all that stands between humanity and destruction.

Numerous fans of John Edward have filled online review sites with praise for his fiction as much as for his nonfiction. To find out more, visit JohnEdward.net.


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