A Brief Look at Astral Projection By John Edward

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Also known as astral travel, or sometimes an “out-of-body experience,” astral projection is a phenomenon that occurs when a person finds his or her consciousness outside of the body, capable of travelling freely apart from his or her corporeal form. This event can occur often as an automatic response when the body is under large amounts of trauma and stress. Near-death experiences are consistently linked with astral travel, the subjects reporting a sensation of floating outside of their bodies, or being able to look down at themselves. Practiced psychics can willingly induce this astral state through various exercises including meditation or trance.

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Commonly, the experience is local, the spirit staying within the confines of its own room, home or lab. But in some cases, reports of travelling great distances have been recorded, the subject claiming distances as far as states away, or even countries.

John Edward, an established psychic medium and author of Final Beginnings, deals with the paranormal world on a daily basis.


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