John Edward on Facing Frightening Spirits

November 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

The host of two television shows that feature his psychic contact with spirits, renowned medium John Edward has faced numerous individuals on the other side. Here, he offers his advice on how to communicate with the dead without fear.

First, understand that the image of spirits we see in movies bears little resemblance to their appearance reality. While there are mediums who can see spirits, most of us strive to utilize our abilities to hear voices from the other side, and any visual information about the dead occurs only in the mind’s eye.

In order to further protect yourself, enlist your spirit guide as a guardian and gatekeeper; these entities can keep spirits at bay until you decide to communicate with them yourself. Furthermore, remember that your abilities are yours to control, as the mind’s eye can be closed much more easily than it is opened.

Conversely, many mediums find communication less frightening when they make it a routine part of their life. Those of us with the gift of speaking with the dead may have been frightened initially, but after years of experience with this line of communication, the everyday nature of exercising this psychic potential makes things significantly less eerie.


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