John Edward: Working with Spirit Guides as a Non-Psychic

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While mediums and psychics have a special connection to the spiritual world, many individuals live out their entire lives without confronting the other side. However, even people who have not opened their mind’s eye can benefit from the assistance of a spirit guide.

The important thing to remember is that all people receive psychic information, but most of them misinterpret it. In order to open yourself up to spiritual guidance, be on the lookout for signs and insights. A sudden realization or a repeated song or image may very well be your spirit guide communicating something to you. These messages may manifest themselves as intuitive thoughts or gut reactions, so pay attention to these feelings. For more information, try meditating on your feelings and examining your dreams, or speak with a psychic directly to open lines of communication with the spirit world.

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About John Edward:
Even as a young child, John Edward had gifts that others recognized as psychic. Today, he has dedicated himself to helping others reach out to those on the other side. In order to share his knowledge with others, he has published several self-help volumes for those looking to unlock their abilities, including Infinite Quest and Unleashing Your Psychic Potential.


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