John Edward on Metaphysics and Spirituality

September 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

As an internationally renowned psychic medium, author, and lecturer, John Edward is a source of metaphysical knowledge and inspiration for many people around the world.

Metaphysics, simply, is the philosophical study of the fundamental nature of reality. This is a field of knowledge that is important to everyone—from mediums, such as John Edward, to academics and philosophers—as it allows us to grapple with all of the important questions that plague our existence. Does the spirit persist after death? May we communicate with relatives and loved ones who have crossed to the Other Side? Are there forces at work around us that we cannot perceive?

John Edward does not claim to be the definitive source of metaphysical knowledge, but he does provide comfort and closure to those who seek answers to these questions. Through his inspirational books, lectures, and readings, John Edward reassures us with the consoling notion that there might just be life after death, and that perhaps our lost loved ones might not be so lost.

While he encourages all to discover their psychic potential in order to better their lives, John Edward entreats those interested to gain a thorough knowledge of metaphysics and parapsychology, rather than rushing to “do readings” for others.


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