The New York Times Best Seller List

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For 70 years, the New York Times Best Seller List has served as one of the most trusted lists of popular books in the world. Printed every Sunday, the New York Times Best Seller List uses a proprietary formula that interprets data from chain, independent, and wholesale booksellers around the country.

The first list was printed on August 9, 1942, and featured Rachel Feld’s And Now Tomorrow and Paul Elliot’s The Last Time I Saw Paris in the No. 1 spots for Fiction and Non-Fiction, respectively. For many years, the New York Times only produced those two lists with 15 titles in each. The popularity of self-help books in the 1980s, and the damage they did to the non-fiction market, led to the development of the Advice/How To list in 1984. The number of categories grew again in 2000 when the massive success of the Harry Potter series encouraged the New York Times to produce a Children’s Book list. Throughout the past decade, even more categories were added including Graphic Novels, Mass Market Paperbacks, and Independent Retailers.

One author who has made the New York Times Best Seller List for Non-Fiction several times is psychic medium John Edward. His books One Last Time, Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories, and After Life: Answers from the Other Side all ranked as bestsellers. Outside of his career as an author, Edward also hosted the television show Crossing Over with John Edward, and he offers private readings and presents live events.


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