John Edward on U.S. Military’s Study of Battlefield Intuition

June 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

The United States military has realized the benefits of intuition training. A new program, “Enhancing Intuitive Decision Making Through Implicit Learning,” will study how intuition works and develop new ways of training the mind to exercise the power of intuition. The military plans to award $3.85 million in grants to researchers who study intuition.

The military became interested in intuition after soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan reported that their “Spidey sense” warned them of hidden explosive devices and impending ambushes. There was also a case of a soldier who saved the patrons of an Internet café in Iraq after his intuition warned him that a man among the crowd was dangerous. The man turned out to be a suicide bomber.

Scientists believe that intuition allows people to rapidly detect patterns. They claim that all human beings possess this “sixth sense” and with proper training, many people could become more intuitive.

One concerning aspect of the military program is a plan to develop computer programs that mimic human intuition. The military hopes to develop intuitive machines to improve drone strikes. I believe that any attempt to develop intuitive machines is doomed to fail. Intuition is part of what makes us human, part of the way we interact with the larger universe. There is no way a machine, which is not alive, could ever become truly intuitive. However, I do believe that intuition can be honed and enhanced with proper training, and I’ll be interested to see what these researchers discover about how we use intuition and how it can be refined.

Psychic medium John Edward is the author of Infinite Quest, which includes intuition-building exercises.


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