Fallen Masters – A Story of Good vs. Evil

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Fallen Masters
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John Edward is a psychic medium recognized for his abilities to communicate with those who have crossed over to the other side and to teach people about mediumship. He shares his knowledge through the Evolve online community at johnedward.net/evolve, where members can access his newsletter, view archives of his show, and receive a free book. Many of John Edward’s books have been on the New York Times’ bestseller list, including One Last Time and Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories.

His most recent book, Fallen Masters, is a fictional novel set in the near future. In the book, a dark mass threatens the end of the world, and a collection of everyday people must figure out how to fight evil with the forces of good. During this unstable time, people who have already crossed over return from the afterlife to the earthly plane to communicate with their loved ones and help them make the right decisions in the fight against evil.

The story of Fallen Masters has been compared to Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons and William P. Young’s The Shack. Published in 2013 by Tor Books, Fallen Masters is John Edwards’ eighth book.

Psychic Medium John Edward Shares Deeper Understanding of His Work

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John Edward
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Providing peace and closure for a wide array of people from diverse backgrounds throughout the world, John Edward, a renowned psychic and medium who has appeared on numerous media outlets and hosts his own programming, has shared his gifts internationally for more than 30 years. As an extension of his work as a psychic medium, John Edward tours the globe lecturing and delivering readings.

In a conversation with San Diego Magazine when he was in the city for a show at the US Grant Hotel, Mr. Edward shared with the writer various insights regarding his work. He described his experience of interacting with the dead as being something much more subtle than what pop culture portrays it to be when depicting people who work in the supernatural arena.

He doesn’t necessarily “hear dead people,” but instead receives thoughts and hears, sees, and feels things energetically, all of which he shares with clients and the audience members of his shows. He also revealed that when serving as a psychic medium that it is unethical to tell people what to do. Providing guidance and sharing information to aid the person in making the decision that’s right for them is acceptable, but making the decision for them is not.

Evolve Community

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Evolve John Edward
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Well-known TV personality and psychic medium John Edward interacts with his followers in several different ways, including Evolve, an online interactive newsletter for his community. John Edward communicates dates and times of his special events along with how to get private readings and international tour dates.

The Evolve newsletter includes online videos as well as access to episodes of Evolve with John Edward, an online program that allows followers to keep up to date with the latest discoveries and happenings in the understanding of the afterlife.

Those who wish can become members in the Evolve community, which includes a welcome packet with a welcome letter as well as a 25% off coupon for items in the store at johnedward.net, an exclusive membership pin from Evolve, two rose appreciation pins, and a free book. Membership in the Evolve community is available through a one-time payment or you can choose to take part in the monthly payment plan.

Crossing Over with John Edward

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John Edward
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As a psychic medium, John Edward has conducted numerous private readings and held many special events in public that have showcased his psychic abilities. John Edward has written a number of books dealing with the afterlife and his talents, which led to having his own TV show, called “Crossing Over with John Edward.

Crossing Over was a popular TV show with a select audience for a four year period, making John Edward a well-known personality. The subject of psychic abilities portrayed on Crossing Over has drawn both detractors that shun the practice as false along with fans who declare the practice to be completely realistic, including well-known public figure Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Dr. Oz brought John Edward onto his own show, proclaiming that there are therapeutic benefits to being able to communicate with those in the afterlife. During the show’s airing, John Edward conducted readings for members of the audience and offered advice on how to recognize signals being sent.

The Benefits of Attending a Live Psychic Medium Event

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John Edward, Psychic Medium
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For more than two decades, John Edward has performed thousands of psychic readings privately and publicly. John Edward (JE) maintains an active presence in the community by regularly hosting live psychic medium events.

The following are reasons to attend a live psychic medium event.

See it in action – A live event is held in a group or seminar setting, which allows you to observe while a psychic medium performs their reading. He or she will take questions from the person receiving the service and communicate with loved ones on the other side to garner answers.

Experience a reading first-hand – Due to high demand of the service, it is not always possible to obtain a personal reading without a long waiting period. By attending a live event, you can potentially access the professional sooner for a reading. Readings are not guaranteed to all attendees, but attending a live event increases your chance of being selected.

Meet the psychic medium – Live events serve as a platform to meet the psychic medium. Depending on the person and event, membership may be required to gain exclusive entry to meet and greet events. Members of the JE community, for instance, receive a special invitation to meet and greet events following every live show. Membership must be obtained through www.johnedward.net.

A Brief Overview of Evolve

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John Edward
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A renowned psychic medium, John Edward receives numerous invitations to appear on television and conduct private readings for clients. To ensure he can reach a larger population, John Edward (JE) launched Evolve, a platform that connects him with his JE community.

Evolve offers a unique experience for people to further immerse themselves in the JE community. The program is very similar to a newsletter, but includes an interactive component that gives members an opportunity to receive personalized readings to have their questions answered. Some readings are recorded for a weekly broadcast sent to members of the community, and these episodes air Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. eastern standard time (EST). Previously aired episodes remain accessible to members in archives. Joining Evolve also has the benefit of gaining entry into exclusive meet and greet events.

Membership requires payment of dues of $8.25 per month, or $99 a year if paid in full at the time of purchase. Once payment is received, Evolve representatives mail a welcome package to members that contains a membership and two rose appreciation pins, welcome letter, and coupon for a discount at the www.johnedward.net store. Further, the package includes a complimentary book. Learn more at johnedward.net

Evolve Community Gives Members a Chance to Win John Edward Tickets

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John Edward, Psychic Medium pic

John Edward, Psychic Medium
Image: johnedward.net

With a career in the paranormal arena spanning three decades, John Edward has become an internationally-known psychic medium who helps grieving people worldwide to connect with transitioned loved ones. Leading lectures, workshops, book signings, and other live events around the globe, John Edward also helps others hone their energy and intuition.

Evolve is a community membership portal on John Edward’s website, JohnEdward.net. The online platform grants followers of his work and those with an interest in the supernatural an opportunity to gain a behind-the-scene look into John Edward’s work. Members enjoy opportunities to participate in his live events and win private readings, as well as learn about psychic and mediumship tools and techniques. Each month, five people in the group are randomly chosen to receive a private reading over the phone, and five others win tickets to attend a live show. Annual membership in Evolve comes with a free book by John Edward, a coupon for 25% off items at http://www.JohnEdward.net, and access to exclusive web events.