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Renowned psychic and medium John Edward helps people reconnect with lost loved ones through a combination of private readings, live public events, and the internationally syndicated talk shows “Crossing Over with John Edward” and “John Edward Cross Country.” Growing up in a family that was open to the ideas of clairvoyance and psychic powers, he first learned about the practice of psychometry from a visiting psychic who came to his home when he was 15 years old.

Psychometry allows a psychic to sense or read the history of an object by holding or touching it. For example, a psychometrist might hold an antique ring and be able to see the history of that object, such as who wore it, the experiences they had while wearing it, what they were like, and how they felt.

Psychometry depends on feeling and understanding the vibrations imbued into physical objects over the course of time by human emotions and actions. Some psychical researchers believe that each material object has its own individual aura generated by the mind of its owner. And through this aura, a psychometrist may be able to form a clairvoyant connection to person.

Access to Web Series Included in The Five Membership

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Psychic medium John Edward offers people a way to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over. Now, he is continuing his mission through a new membership initiative, The Five, and its corresponding novel series, Above & Beyond.

The Five is a subscription program that offers members access to John Edward’s latest video series, Evolve, as well as chances to win personal readings from Mr. Edward himself. One of the exclusive benefits of membership in The Five is access to the novel series Above & Beyond.

Above & Beyond is centered around pressing questions such as “What happens when we die?” and “Where do we go?” The series follows characters that are dealing with these concerns firsthand. By focusing on individual experiences, John Edward shows his readers important tools and methods for understanding these issues.

Along with reading Above & Beyond, members of The Five can watch the exclusive web series Evolve. They also receive a number of free membership items, including a welcome package and opportunities to win tickets to local John Edward events.

The Benefits of Becoming a Member of “The Five”

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A distinguished psychic medium, John Edward maintains an interactive online community called “The Five.” Individuals who join John Edward’s “The Five” gain access to a number of benefits, including the ability to watch and participate in his new show, Evolve. In addition, members have access to Above and Beyond, an exciting and exclusive psychic fiction novel that he has published for the online community only. Through “My Five,” members can participate in guided meditations and use symbol and tarot cards. At random, the organization chooses five members to share a meal with John Edward and enjoy a private reading. Other random drawings will allow members to receive free phone readings, ask questions, and win merchandise or a pair of tickets to a nearby John Edward event.

When individuals join “The Five,” they receive a signed book by psychic Edward, two appreciation pins, and a coupon for 25% off items on his website, During renewals, members receive further gifts in recognition of their dedication.

Psychic John Edward Draws Crowds To Live Readings

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Psychic medium John Edward, known for his spot-on personal readings and his former television program, “Crossing Over,” regularly tours the country and even travels abroad to meet with his followers. The live shows typically last two hours, draw several hundred people, and include a mix of personal readings and a question-and-answer session.

During the first portion of a live event, Edward connects with audience members and gives them very detailed readings. He often is able to read for as many as 10 families during an event, averaging almost 10 minutes with each one. After the readings, Edward spends the final half hour taking questions from the audience. The most frequently asked questions are about the afterlife, reincarnation and communicating with the deceased. Edward gives thoughtful responses to each person.

Those interested in attending a live John Edward show and get the chance to meet John after the show can check his website for current tour dates at

Private Reading Opportunities from John Edward

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Television host and medium John Edward endeavors to connect personally with his followers in as many ways as he can. In addition to interacting regularly with his online community The Five, he offers private readings to a select few face-to-face individuals.

Giving private readings has long been a part of Edward’s career. But in 2000, after his television show Crossing Over became successful, he found he had to scale back this aspect of his professional life significantly. He saw fewer and fewer private clients, until eventually the waiting list for his readings became more than eight years long.

At that point, he stopped having his office put names on a waiting list and started building an interest list instead. To help keep things fair, he now draws names at random from the interest list when he has time to perform private readings. Because his private readings can be difficult for many people to afford, he also gives five readings away to members of The Five every month.

For Small Fee, The Five Psychic Community Members Gain Many Benefits

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Well-known American psychic John Edward, former host of the television program “Crossing Over,” has launched an interactive online community called “The Five.” Membership in The Five provides John Edward’s followers multiple opportunities to access his content and even interact with the psychic medium himself.

Among the many benefits of joining The Five is direct access to the new show, “Evolve with John Edward,” which is exclusively available to members of the online community. Other The Five membership benefits include use of online divination tools such as tarot and symbol cards and guided meditations, as well as access to the psychic’s complete online psychic adventure novel titled “Above and Beyond,” which also is available to members only.

Many other perks are included with membership, including a welcome gift package and monthly chances to meet Edward in person. The 2013 yearly membership cost is $75, with a renewal price of only $49.

Mediums Can Help People Get Through the Grieving Process

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John Edward is a psychic medium whose Evolve web series has drawn interest across the globe from believers and non-believers alike. Psychics such as John Edward use the energies around them to assist people who are grieving.

Psychic mediums often work with clients who are grieving the loss of someone close to them. Individuals who possess this spiritual gift can communicate with people who have recently experienced the passing of a loved one in their lives. The medium can help people accept their loss, work through the emotional and physical pain, adjust to their everyday routine, and move on with their life.

Grief, which is extreme sadness, is characterized by a seven primary stages. The sufferer goes through varying emotions until he accepts his loss and moves on with his life. These stages consist of shock, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, and finally acceptance.

When a medium is consulted, people who are mourning can work through their feelings and bond with their loved one who is deceased. To help people better understand how they can be helped emotionally, Edward’s Evolve web series addresses the spiritual concerns of people who are going through the grieving process or who are mourning a loss. features a listing of live events that are hosted by the psychic medium, as well.


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