Understanding the Heart Chakra

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Heart Chakra pic

Heart Chakra
Image: healing.about.com

Psychic John Edward discovered he was special at a very young age. Through decades of consistent practice and spiritual awareness, John Edward mastered his psychic abilities, using his understanding of the human heart chakra to connect and to heal.

Psychic chakras are the individual layers of energy on our physical bodies. They are the gateways between the three levels of existence: physical, emotional, and spiritual. The heart chakra is located between the pectoral muscles and shines a bright grass green. It is the chakra that gives the ability to express love for ourselves and for others. Related to compassion and intuitiveness, the chakra is the key to opening the soul to love and happiness.

Psychics reveal that a poor immune system or heart problems, together with a lack of compassion or the suppression of love, are the manifestations of a blocked heart chakra. So are feelings of fear, rage, and self-pity. An extremely open heart chakra, on the other hand, is manifested by possessiveness.

A healthy, well balanced heart chakra means that we hold the infinite capacity to love ourselves, our children, parents, and even new acquaintances. Chakra meditations can relax the chakra, opening up one’s self to love.

ESP is Made Up of Many Types of Abilities

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John Edward, Psychic Medium pic

John Edward, Psychic Medium pic
Image: johnedward.net

Professional psychic John Edward is considered a well-known medium in the paranormal field. John Edward’s Evolve web series and his site, johnedward.net, both expand on his amazing ability to communicate with people who have passed away.

Most people who have psychic powers are considered to have extrasensory perception (ESP), also referred to as a sixth sense. Therefore, those individuals who possess ESP typically are able to sense things beyond what is apparent to the five senses.

ESP is based on one’s perceptions and, as a result, can take one of several forms. These forms can include clairvoyance (an ability to “see” something that is occurring somewhere else), telepathy (an ability to read a person’s thoughts), precognition (seeing into the future), mediumship (an ability to communicate with the dead), and retrocognition (an ability to look into the past).

Psychometry is included in the above list, as well. Psychics who possess this gift can convey details about a place or person by simply touching an object. Closely related to ESP is telekinesis, which is an ability to make alterations in the physical world with the power of the mind.

What are the Differences Between Psychics and Mediums?

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John Edward pic

John Edward
Image: johnedward.net

Creator of his own online source for information, JohnEdward.net, John Edward recently established an online community known as Evolve. Over the past 20 years, John Edward has established himself as one of the most prominent psychic mediums in the world.

Psychics are defined as individuals with the power to sense things from the nonphysical world. Although mediums do possess psychic powers, there are differences between psychics and mediums.

The main difference is that mediums channel complete personalities instead of forces. Unlike psychics, mediums are able to directly communicate with spirits of the deceased.

Psychics, on the other hand, interact primarily with the sitter and provide information concerning relationships, careers, money, and love. Mediums cannot foresee such future events.

While a psychic can provide insight by reading auras, mediums are better messengers of the spiritual world. However, some psychics do have the ability to serve as mediums.

Myths About Psychics

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John Edward, Psychic Medium pic

John Edward, Psychic Medium pic
Image: johnedward.net

John Edward is known for his work as a medium, connecting individuals with loved ones that have passed on. Through his official website, johnedward.net, and his new interactive series Evolve, John Edward continues to amaze viewers and provide them with insight into the afterlife.

Psychics are often misunderstood. Many individuals believe that psychics have the ability to read minds and predict the future. For this reason, one of the many arguments attempting to debunk psychics’ ability is, “Why don’t they just predict lottery numbers?” In reality, psychics are thought merely to have the ability to predict trajectory based on personal traits, and the empathy needed to pick up on personal energy.

Those with psychic ability cannot predict behavior with 100 percent accuracy. Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions regarding psychics is that they are simply using “cold reading,” or the ability to tell interesting facts about individuals based on generalized statements or body language. But the truth is that psychics have an innate ability to connect with individuals on a deeper level than most, which allows them to not only gain valuable knowledge about an individual, but provide useful insight on that person’s future.

Types of Psychic Abilities – Chakras, Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience

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John Edward pic

John Edward
Image: johnedward.net

John Edward has been a leading name in the field of metaphysical phenomenon for over two decades. He hosted Crossing Over, a long-running television series that focused on contacting the dead. More recently, John Edward has been operating his website, johnedward.net, where he hosts the web series Evolve with John Edward.

John Edward specializes in communicating with the dead, but over the years psychics and similar healers have been purported to have many related abilities. Some focus on the manipulation of chakras, which are energy centers in the body. These can be healed and balanced, improving both physical and mental health. For those interested in pursuing the study of chakras, johnedward.net offers an Evolve-themed chakra bracelet.

Other psychic abilities often begin with the root word “clair” (French for “clear”) and involve remote perception of events and locations. Examples of this psychic phenomenon include clairvoyance, in which the psychic perceives a location or object in the future, and clairaudience, in which the psychic hears such a location. Some psychics claim to have more than one of these abilities.

Distinguishing Qualities of Psychics, Mediums, and Psychic Mediums

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John Edward, Psychic Medium pic

John Edward, Psychic Medium pic
Image: johnedward.net

For over 25 years, John Edward has served clients across the United States and worldwide as a psychic medium, interpreting the energy and signals from the living, the dead, dream states, and signs of determinism. As the author of over seven books on spirit reading and psychic evolution, and as a regular guest on Larry King Live, the Today Show, Dr. Phil, and other contemporary media, John Edward is one of the most sought-after and professional psychic mediums today.

A psychic is a person who has the inherent ability to sense particular details about a person’s past, present, and future merely by coming into contact with a person or personal object; that is, a psychic has above-average sensitivity to supernatural phenomena tied to the people and things in everyday life. Similarly, a medium is an individual who is able to interpret the energy and telekinetic signals emitted from a person specific to the person’s past, present, and future.

Therefore, a psychic medium is a unique individual who has the ability to both inherently sense and receive clairvoyant signals or sentient messages from a person and see or read the telekinetic signals being emitted or transmitted by a person. In general, the techniques, tools, and methods applied by psychics and mediums vary greatly, depending on their religious background, spiritual path, and cultural environment. Learn more about John Edward and his work by visiting www.johnedward.net.

John Edward to Tour Canada this Fall

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John Edward, Psychic Medium pic

John Edward, Psychic Medium pic
Image: johnedward.net

The world-renown psychic medium John Edward is bringing his Live Event show on a national tour of Canada this autumn. From October 2 to October 22, 2014, he will be traveling across the Great White North with stops in Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Dorval, and Halifax. This is an opportunity for his fans above the 49th parallel to get a chance to participate in a live John Edward show. Although no guest is guaranteed a reading, you can never be sure who in his audience may have a crossed-over relative with an important message.

If you want to experience the abilities of John Edward but are unable to attend a live event, he also hosts an interactive online community called Evolve. Community members can enjoy a weekly Internet show, participate in discussion forums, and perhaps get a chance to be randomly selected for a reading.

For more information about John Edward’s Canadian tour dates or to join his Evolve community, visit www.johnedward.net.


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