Exclusive Benefits of John Edward’s Evolve Membership

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With more than 25 years of experience as a professional psychic medium, lecturer, and author, John Edward focuses on helping people communicate with loved ones they have lost. Through live events and private meetings, John Edward continues to captivate audiences around the world as he uses his psychic abilities to connect the living and the dead.

Mr. Edward receives more requests for private readings than he has time to facilitate. Individuals who want to connect with him on a deeper level are encouraged to subscribe to his online community, Evolve. Membership in Evolve grants the following exclusive benefits unavailable to the general public:

– Access to the medium’s newest novel, Above & Beyond, which is accessible only online. The book addresses questions about life after death and explores themes related to life and love.

– Access to a weekly online program, Evolve with John Edward, in which home audience members have the chance to be called on air for live readings.

– An Evolve membership pin, a free book, and a coupon for 25 percent off a purchase at the medium’s online store.

Mr. Edward also has a free YouTube channel featuring hundreds of clips of the psychic performing public and private readings. To watch the videos, visit http://www.youtube.com/user/psychicmediumje/videos.

The Difference Between a Medium and a Psychic

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John Edward, Psychic Medium pic

John Edward, Psychic Medium
Image: johnedward.net


For 25 years, John Edward has used his unique abilities to help thousands of individuals communicate with lost loved ones. In his role as a medium, John Edward has become a well-known TV personality as the host of his own television shows and as a guest on numerous others, as well as a best-selling author of several books.

Traditionally, a medium is someone who communes directly with spirits, receiving messages from the dead and relaying them to the living. How the communication is received varies; for some mediums, the information is gathered intuitively as words appear as impressions in their mind. In other cases, the messages are audible.

Psychics typically receive information by interpreting the energy that surrounds a person or object. This information relates to events, past and present, in a person’s life. The word “psychic” is used to describe a wide array of perceptions and senses beyond the physical senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

John Edward – The Benefits of Evolve Membership

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Evolve John Edward pic

Evolve John Edward
Image: johnedward.net/evolve

A renowned psychic medium, John Edward leads the internationally syndicated talk show Crossing Over with John Edward. In addition to his talk show, he leads Evolve, a web series and online community.

Through Evolve, members can interact with John Edward and participate in meet-and-greet sessions after events. Members may also be randomly chosen for readings and opportunities to ask questions.

Evolve members can also watch new episodes posted on the website every Sunday morning at 10:00 Eastern Standard Time. Further, membership comes with access to the archive of previous episodes and a welcome package consisting of a welcome letter, two rose appreciation pins, a free book, an Evolve membership pin, and a coupon for a 25 percent discount to the store at JohnEdward.net.

Membership in the Evolve community costs $99 per year, which comes to only $8.25 per month. To learn more about the Evolve community and the benefits of membership, visit JohnEdward.net/evolve.

John Edward’s New York Shows

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John Edward pic

John Edward
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A practicing psychic medium for the past 25 years, John Edward has helped connect thousands of clients with deceased loved ones. In addition to appearing on his own syndicated TV show and authoring several New York Times Best Sellers, John Edward hosts numerous question-and-answer sessions with fans at venues around the world. He’ll be wrapping up a 2017 tour with four shows in his home state of New York.

After completing a six-stop Canadian tour in late April, the medium will take his spiritual group reading show, Crossing Over with John Edward, to Buffalo, New York on May 16. Shows will be held the following three nights in Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany, respectively. Reserved seating is available for the Syracuse show, which is in a theater, but the other three are in more intimate hotel conference rooms. The Albany show is the last of 48 scheduled shows in 2017.

Tickets can be purchased at etix.com or by calling 1-800-514-3849. They are also available at johnedward.net. And while a ticket will ensure your seat for the show, it doesn’t guarantee an individual reading.

The Goals of John Edward’s Evolve Community

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John Edward, Psychic Medium pic

John Edward, Psychic Medium
Image: johnedward.net

John Edward is a psychic medium who has spent the last 25 years using his abilities to help people connect with their departed loved ones. In addition to hosting reading events before live audiences, John Edward connects to his fans through his online interactive community, Evolve.

Evolve is a place where fans of John Edward’s TV show, Crossing Over, gain access to the psychic medium’s new online show. Members of the Evolve community also have the chance to be randomly selected for opportunities like personal readings and meet-and-greets.

The Evolve community has seven key goals. The first two, opportunity and access, aim to give as many people as possible access to John Edward’s work, directly, through private readings and indirectly, through viewership of the Evolve online show. Evolve’s next four goals are that the online community will be affordable, educational, interactive, and continual, so members can find personal value in their experiences within the program at any time they want.

Evolve’s last goal is to forge a community of members who support one another and actively share their knowledge gained from participation in the community. For more information, visit JohnEdward.net.

Fallen Masters – A Story of Good vs. Evil

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Fallen Masters pic

Fallen Masters
Image: amazon.com

John Edward is a psychic medium recognized for his abilities to communicate with those who have crossed over to the other side and to teach people about mediumship. He shares his knowledge through the Evolve online community at johnedward.net/evolve, where members can access his newsletter, view archives of his show, and receive a free book. Many of John Edward’s books have been on the New York Times’ bestseller list, including One Last Time and Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories.

His most recent book, Fallen Masters, is a fictional novel set in the near future. In the book, a dark mass threatens the end of the world, and a collection of everyday people must figure out how to fight evil with the forces of good. During this unstable time, people who have already crossed over return from the afterlife to the earthly plane to communicate with their loved ones and help them make the right decisions in the fight against evil.

The story of Fallen Masters has been compared to Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons and William P. Young’s The Shack. Published in 2013 by Tor Books, Fallen Masters is John Edwards’ eighth book.

Psychic Medium John Edward Shares Deeper Understanding of His Work

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John Edward pic

John Edward
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Providing peace and closure for a wide array of people from diverse backgrounds throughout the world, John Edward, a renowned psychic and medium who has appeared on numerous media outlets and hosts his own programming, has shared his gifts internationally for more than 30 years. As an extension of his work as a psychic medium, John Edward tours the globe lecturing and delivering readings.

In a conversation with San Diego Magazine when he was in the city for a show at the US Grant Hotel, Mr. Edward shared with the writer various insights regarding his work. He described his experience of interacting with the dead as being something much more subtle than what pop culture portrays it to be when depicting people who work in the supernatural arena.

He doesn’t necessarily “hear dead people,” but instead receives thoughts and hears, sees, and feels things energetically, all of which he shares with clients and the audience members of his shows. He also revealed that when serving as a psychic medium that it is unethical to tell people what to do. Providing guidance and sharing information to aid the person in making the decision that’s right for them is acceptable, but making the decision for them is not.