Psychic John Edward Draws Crowds To Live Readings

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Psychic medium John Edward, known for his spot-on personal readings and his former television program, “Crossing Over,” regularly tours the country and even travels abroad to meet with his followers. The live shows typically last two hours, draw several hundred people, and include a mix of personal readings and a question-and-answer session.

During the first portion of a live event, Edward connects with audience members and gives them very detailed readings. He often is able to read for as many as 10 families during an event, averaging almost 10 minutes with each one. After the readings, Edward spends the final half hour taking questions from the audience. The most frequently asked questions are about the afterlife, reincarnation and communicating with the deceased. Edward gives thoughtful responses to each person.

Those interested in attending a live John Edward show and get the chance to meet John after the show can check his website for current tour dates at

Private Reading Opportunities from John Edward

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Television host and medium John Edward endeavors to connect personally with his followers in as many ways as he can. In addition to interacting regularly with his online community The Five, he offers private readings to a select few face-to-face individuals.

Giving private readings has long been a part of Edward’s career. But in 2000, after his television show Crossing Over became successful, he found he had to scale back this aspect of his professional life significantly. He saw fewer and fewer private clients, until eventually the waiting list for his readings became more than eight years long.

At that point, he stopped having his office put names on a waiting list and started building an interest list instead. To help keep things fair, he now draws names at random from the interest list when he has time to perform private readings. Because his private readings can be difficult for many people to afford, he also gives five readings away to members of The Five every month.

For Small Fee, The Five Psychic Community Members Gain Many Benefits

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Well-known American psychic John Edward, former host of the television program “Crossing Over,” has launched an interactive online community called “The Five.” Membership in The Five provides John Edward’s followers multiple opportunities to access his content and even interact with the psychic medium himself.

Among the many benefits of joining The Five is direct access to the new show, “Evolve with John Edward,” which is exclusively available to members of the online community. Other The Five membership benefits include use of online divination tools such as tarot and symbol cards and guided meditations, as well as access to the psychic’s complete online psychic adventure novel titled “Above and Beyond,” which also is available to members only.

Many other perks are included with membership, including a welcome gift package and monthly chances to meet Edward in person. The 2013 yearly membership cost is $75, with a renewal price of only $49.

Mediums Can Help People Get Through the Grieving Process

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John Edward is a psychic medium whose Evolve web series has drawn interest across the globe from believers and non-believers alike. Psychics such as John Edward use the energies around them to assist people who are grieving.

Psychic mediums often work with clients who are grieving the loss of someone close to them. Individuals who possess this spiritual gift can communicate with people who have recently experienced the passing of a loved one in their lives. The medium can help people accept their loss, work through the emotional and physical pain, adjust to their everyday routine, and move on with their life.

Grief, which is extreme sadness, is characterized by a seven primary stages. The sufferer goes through varying emotions until he accepts his loss and moves on with his life. These stages consist of shock, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, and finally acceptance.

When a medium is consulted, people who are mourning can work through their feelings and bond with their loved one who is deceased. To help people better understand how they can be helped emotionally, Edward’s Evolve web series addresses the spiritual concerns of people who are going through the grieving process or who are mourning a loss. features a listing of live events that are hosted by the psychic medium, as well.

John Edward’s Latest Book: Fallen Masters

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World-famous medium John Edward has written several books, including the New York Times bestseller One Last Time. His latest publishing venture is the metaphysical suspense novel Fallen Masters.

In Fallen Masters, published by Tor Books in September 2012, a diverse group of women and men take center stage in an apocalyptic battle between good and evil. Scientists have identified a malevolent force emanating from a mysterious cluster of galaxies, and religious and political leaders have noticed a distinct increase in strange events. Pitched as a compelling combination of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons and William Young’s The Shack, the book touches on religion, science, politics, and the Other Side, to which Edward has made his name connecting people in the course of his career.

Fallen Masters can be found online at major retailers like and Barnes & Noble, where it has enjoyed a strong reception from readers, as well as through Indiebound, an organization that represents the interests of independent bookstores. It is also available as an e-book and an audiobook.

John Edward’s Online Adventure Novel: Above and Beyond

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A New York Times bestselling author, psychic medium John Edward recently released a new work of fiction titled Fallen Masters that takes readers from earth to the Other Side in the ultimate battle between good and evil. In addition to Fallen Masters, John Edward has released the novel Above & Beyond to members of his online community, “The Five,” which individuals can join and access through In Above & Beyond, John Edward addresses common questions about the afterlife, such as “What happens when we die,” “Where do we go,” and “Who are we with.”

Above & Beyond follows the paths of several characters as they deal with their personal afterlife experiences, striking a balance between drama and humor. In the first segment, readers meet the narrator, Jack Richman, who dies in an explosion and wakes up on the Other Side. He immediately meets Dr. Annie Brooks, who attempts to calm him as he transitions to his new state of existence.

The Five: A New Way to Reach Lost Loved Ones

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Famed medium John Edward strives to make connecting with lost loved ones both accessible and affordable. Over the last four decades, he has become known as one of the world’s most prominent psychic mediums through live events, private readings, and the television shows Cross Country and Crossing Over.

One of John Edward’s recent endeavors is a unique membership program called The Five. Members gain one-of-a-kind access to Edward in addition to the opportunity to partake in private readings and regular live events. The program takes its name from the monthly selection of five members to receive private phone readings, five to receive an appreciation pack, and five to receive two tickets each to an event near them.

In addition, members acquire a welcome package containing a signed book, a coupon redeemable at the official website, a special item only for members, and other gifts. Members obtain exclusive access to monthly online broadcasts featuring live readings and community conversation. Learn more at

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    Psychic Medium

    While psychic medium John Edward is best known through his television shows and books, he also speaks and reads for individual clients and live audiences that number in the thousands. His personal touch and gentle, honest humor have made him the United States’ most popular psychic medium and an influential international speaker. John Edward gives talks that can accommodate any budget and appeal not only to devoted fans, but the casually curious as well.

    Ticket prices for John Edward’s largest events of 1,000 people or more begin at $49 per person. Held around the country and elsewhere in the English-speaking world, these live seminars last two hours and do not include an intermission. Sessions include a lecture, question-and-answer session, and psychic readings. A seminar with John Edward is an excellent way for the curious to learn more about psychic and metaphysical phenomena. For those interested in something slightly more intimate, he also offers Live Group Events with an attendance of 400 to 700 guests.

    Visitors to Las Vegas may opt for one of John Edward’s Other Side of Vegas VIP sessions, where 200 VIP guests each receive a signed copy of one of his books and a photo opportunity. After the meet and greet, attendees experience a two-hour live event. 

    For even more intimate and exciting events, fans must sign up for John Edward’s free e-mail newsletter. Because smaller events sell out quickly, they are not posted on the general website. These intimate events include the John Edward & Friends Intimate Event and Small Intimate Group, each of which accommodates fewer than 100 attendees. The Friends event is five hours long and features two hours with John Edward, two hours with one of his psychic medium colleagues, and a one-hour intermission.

    Finally, Mr. Edward offers private readings for fewer than 15 people at a time and true private readings for up to 5 people. The cost of a private reading is $750 for the first person and $100 for each additional person. The readings may occur in person at his Long Island, New York, office or remotely by telephone. Although guests at private readings may not make audio or video recordings, they are encouraged to take notes. Reservations for private readings have been booked for the next two years. When additional readings become available, guests who have expressed an interest in receiving them will be selected randomly.


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